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Are you one of those desperate souls eager to get rid of the nail biting habit forever? Nail biting (medically known as onychophagia) enters our lives silently and refuses to leave easily. You may have tried quitting it with the power of your will, but I know this in most cases is not enough.

Nail biting needs tougher measures. In this site you will find all you need to know about nail biting, its treatments and the effects it can have in your life and your health. You can also browse our articles to find what you are looking for (such as other options, child nail biting and other topics) and read our reviews on the nail biting products that are currently offered to end his nasty habit forever.So, please, have a look around, and if you have anything to say don't hesitate dropping us a line. Have a good day - free of nail biting!

Nail Biting News

Nail-biting Not Serious, but Fixable
My son is a typical toddler - very active, inquisitive and generally even tempered. In the last month or so, he has begun biting his nails. ...
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Stressful Situations Often Lead to Nail Biting
Whether it's problems at kindergarten or in the office, lots of people respond to stress by chewing on their fingernails. Often, it's just a bad habit. But sometimes it indicates a lot more than that. "Nail biting can be a ...
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Easy Ways to Stop Nail Biting
There are certain ways to stop nail biting forever. Among them are the usual treatments such as HRT (Habit Reversal Training) and the not so usual treatments such as hypnosis. However ...
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Why Do People Bite Their Nails ?
Nail biting has its origins in a nervous condition, a condition that has probably been developed when growing up, but triggered later because ...
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Toddler Nail Biting
Nail biting is a bad habit hard to quit when you are big.  But what does it mean to a toddler?  Although it falls in the category of “nervous habits” ...
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Recommended Nail Biting Products

nail biting productsNail Biting Polishes
Nail biting polishes are directly applied to the nail in order to prevent from biting it. Find in this section all the polishes that work for you to get rid of the nasty habit of nail biting for good. From the normal polishes, to the 'nutritives-for-your-nail' ones.
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nail biting hypnosisHypnosis for Nail Biting
Hypnosis tapes and sessions serve in getting rid of nail biting by working on a subconscious level. See why many people adhere to this method as the most effective to get rid of nail biting.
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