A Parent's Intro to Child Nail Biting

Child nail biting is a nightmare to parents.  We always hate to see our children fall into this habit and often try to punish them for that, ignoring that punishing or yelling at them will only make things worse.

Children need our care and patience, they don’t go on biting their nails just because they want, there’s always an underlying reason for child nail biting, even if they don’t know really what it is.  So the first step you should take to address this issue is talk to your child.  Talk about anxiety, stress or how they feel. Many parents find that by being more patient and caring for their children, the nail biting just disappears.

There’s another great trick I learned a while ago to deal with child nail biting:  always keep a toy at hand.  You have to remain observant to what your kid is doing, and as soon you notice that he or she start biting their nails, give them the toy to distract their mind and avoid a stronger reinforcement of the behavior.

When your children are older, they will also notice how nail biting is affecting their lives.  This is especially true for girls.  In this stage of life you can talk to your daughter and help her find a great treatment, but you must be sure she really wants to stop nail biting.  Stopping child nail biting in these stages require also a participation of the will that directs the subconscious mind.  If you are a mom, you could show her how beauty your nails are and this way teach her by example, but don’t make her feel bad you should do these examples in a way that she feels is positive.

Finally, use your intuition to help your children.  As we grow older we use less this great tool that is always there for us.  Child nail biting is something that must be dealth with love, care and understanding.