Is Fingernail Biting Driving You Mad?

Fingernail biting… the sole mention of that word brings memories to me back when I was a nail biter.  It’s a bit weird isn’t it?  You start fingernail biting almost without noticing it, and it slowly enters the mysterious realms of what many call the subconscious mind, to then build a three story house and live there forever.  Or at least until you finally have the guts to do something about it.

Did I just say guts? Yes I did!  Fingernail biting is not an easy habit to stop, it doesn’t require you to fight or be aggressive. No, no – it requires patience.  Holy patience.

I’ve tried some methods myself, and you may know them: putting creams, nasty things and even my girl’s polish! They all seemed to have their pros and cons, but what it worked better for my fingernail biting is what I think it would completely fail: Hypnosis recordings.  To this day I don’t know really how it worked to stop my fingernail biting, but it did.  However, just try for yourself the method that best suits for you.  Creams also helped me, but money comes, money goes, add the fact that I’m a little unorganized, and soon I was skipping days.

Here are some tips you can use to start avoiding fingernail biting.  These are useful tips that helped me during my struggle with the quitting methods, write them down or whatever you need to d you always keep them I your mind:

  • Keep your nails cleaned at all times.

  • Chew gum.  This will reduce biting anxiety.

  • Avoid damp and warm surfaces, you can contract nail fungus from them.

  • Observe your fingernail biting habit.

  • Find a hobby or other way to cope with anxiety.  I bought a PSP for the purpose and worked great!

Besides this, start treatment now.  Whichever you choose, don’t delay it because time is the most treasured variable in any treatment.  Be patient, keep a good sense of humor, and don’t beat up yourself too much.  Good luck!