Toddler Nail Biting

Nail biting is a bad habit hard to quit when you are big.  But what does it mean to a toddler?  Although it falls in the category of “nervous habits”, toddler nail biting not always means that your child is anxious, he/she might as well be bored, curious or just passing the time.  As parents is logical that we want our child to fall into his habit, especially when we take into account that out of the other nervous habits, nail biting is the one that sticks with us the most.

Can you stop toddler nail biting?

It is very hard because at his age the children are not always conscious of what they do.  Punishing them or yelling at them can in turn actually reinforce the habit in their mind! SO please avoid doing that.  I think the best advice would be to just give them something else to do when you see them biting their nails and don’t try to do anything beyond that until they have enough age to decide that they would like to quit nail biting.  Even putting bad taste cream on their nails can look as a punishment for them.

It would be good also if you keep their nails clean and trimmed, this way they will have less chance of biting their nails, and won’t be putting their health at risk when they put their fingers in their mouth.  But follow the best advice and just ignore toddler nail biting and don’t associate anything with it.  The less fuss, the better.