Why Do People Bite Their Nails?

Nail biting has its origins in a nervous condition, a condition that has probably been developed when growing up, but triggered later because of a certain event.   Some doctors say that until you haven’t dealt with that event you can’t let go the nail biting habit.  So it is important to know the reason why people bite their nails in order to solve the issue.

Most nail biting cases start during childhood and becomes a habit – and a problem as the person grows up.  Soon it becomes uncontrollable and the need of getting rid of the habit arises.  If the nail biting habit is based on a nervous condition, it is best to treat the condition instead of the nail biting habit first.  This is done by psychologist exploring your past, trying to find the answers on various aspects of your life.  During this process you may be surprised to find things you didn’t even remembered consciously.

The treatment can take some time, but you can still take some action in order to avoid biting your nails.  Let’s look at a few ways:

You may try to keep your hands occupied.  Hold an object that fits in your hand when you feel the urge of biting your nails, this will avoid anxiety build up.  If you are a woman you can use polish or nail paint.

Another simple way is use a stretchy band around the wrist.  This will help you as a reminder of your resolution to stop nail biting. 

You can try nail biting products made to stop nail biting.  These products are applied on the nail surface and leave a bad taste in your mouth.  Very effective to counter-strike urges.
Stress plays an important part in the habit of nail biting, so you may be interested in finding ways to cope with stress.  You could find useful to set up a stress management plan
Final tip: stay focused on the present.  The practice of this will help you in any situation in your life.  This way you will notice when you start putting your fingers in your mouth and can avoid it if you don’t have other tool at hand.