Nail Biting Negative Effects

Nail biting is more than biting your nails short.  It carries a series of negative effect on your fingers and health like:

  • Red & Sore Fingertips.

  • Cuticle Bleeding.

  • Infections on your nail bed and your mouth.

  • Dental problems, infection of the gums.  It damages in the long term the teeth, making them more prone to develop caries.

  • Nail deformation.

  • In rare cases it can be a symptom of Obsessive Compulsive disorder, and this must be treated with medications.

Nail biting serves also as a way of transportation of germs.  Form the mouth to the hands and vice versa, this often translates into swollen fingertips (also referred as “big-headed fingers”, and in extreme cases it can lead to pus developing.

There are even people who bite their nails, and don’t seem to stop ever.  Those are called “compulsive nail biters” and the consequences of this are more than those of the normal nail biter. It can lead to wounds, and microbial and viral infections.

Besides all of these physiological negative side effects of nail biting, there is also the anxiety of hiding this habit.  Nail biters know that this behavior is not well seen, so when they are outside they are always conscious of the habit – leading to anxiety.  Often forming a vicious pattern of anxiety - nail biting.

So as you see, you have more than one reason to stop nail biting.  Nail biting is actually a hazard to your physical and physiological health.  We invite you to read our section on nail biting treatments, or read our articles section to get you started on fighting nail biting.

Nail Biting & Fungal Infections